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Business Activity Statements

If your business is registered for GST, you must prepare and lodge activity statements with the ATO on either a quarterly, monthly or annual basis. These activity statements will generally include reporting for GST, FBT, PAYG withholding, PAYG Instalments as well as other taxes and rebates that apply to your specific industry.


There are basically two types of statements you will need to complete:

  • Business Activity Statements (BAS); The BAS reports the GST that has been collected and paid by your business. Accounting iCue can review your information, calculate the GST liability and electronically lodge your BAS form on the due date. We can also ensure that your wages are correctly entered into your BAS statements and your input tax credits are calculated accurately so that you only pay the required amount of GST to the ATO.
  • Instalment Activity Statement (IAS). The IAS is used to report and pay amounts withheld from your employee’s wages and salaries. Accounting iCue can calculate your Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax withheld calculation and complete your IAS on a month-to-month basis as required by the ATO.

If your business is not registered for GST, you may still be required to lodge an IAS where you have liabilities or entitlements to pay or report for the other taxes.

Lodging your Business Activity Statements accurately and on time can be a difficult and confusing process.


You can save time, avoid stress and eliminate risks simply by knowing that your ATO tax liabilities and obligations are sorted and your BAS lodgement is accurate.

Don’t think that completing your BAS is a task you should be performing – you can leave it to the experienced professionals at Accounting iCue for a lot less than you think.

Why not give our team a call today and discuss the range of BAS services and lodgement options we have on offer to suit all businesses; so you have more time to run your business.

Accounting iCue Services include:

  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements from your business data or source documents.
  • Electronic Lodgement of Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements
  • Personalised advice on BAS provisions (including GST, PAYG, Withholdings and Instalments, Fringe Benefits Tax, Fuel Tax Credits and more)
  • Handle payroll and superannuation obligations

Accounting iCue specialises in the preparation of quarterly Financial reports including BAS and from these reports we can show you exactly how your business is performing. Business owners can get stuck in the daily grind and not even consider looking at their overall performance to see if there is a way you could improve the bottom line.

If you would like to discuss how Accounting iCue can assist with your BAS / IAS reporting, contact our office today. Accounting iCue is a boutique accounting firm, based on the Gold Coast, but due to our cloud based, paperless office, our experienced professionals are able to service clients around Australia and overseas.

You need more than an accountant – you need iCue!



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