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Registered Tax Agent’s are regulated by the Tax Practitioner’s Board and are required to have a certain level of qualifications and experience in preparing a variety of tax returns to gain their registration. Tax Agents are required to have professional indemnity insurance and must adhere to a code of professional conduct. By using a registered Tax Agent, you are ensuring that your return is being prepared by a suitably qualified person. You can see whether a Tax Agent is registered by searching on

If you prepare your tax return yourself, the due date is 31 October. By using a Tax Agent, you may be eligible for extensions up to 15 May, but this depends on your level of income and lodgement history. If you have not used a Tax Agent in the past, you will need to inform Accounting iCue before 31 October.

The cost to prepare a tax return will vary based on the complexity of the return. Our prices start from $150 including GST for a basic PAYG (employee) tax return.

For businesses, it is difficult to provide an estimate of the cost without knowledge of your whole situation, so we suggest contacting us for an obligation free discussion or consultation, after which we can give you a quote of our fees.

All Tax Agent fees paid will be tax deductible.

In most cases, it can be a fairly simple transition and it can highlight issues that have previously not been dealt with as you are having a fresh set of eyes looking over your affairs.

Yes, we can help get you up to date and all returns can be done at the same time.

How long does it take from when I give you my paperwork to when the tax returns are ready?
With business tax returns (trusts, partnerships, companies and individuals) it generally takes one to three weeks, depending on
• what we agreed upon
• how complete and accurate your books are
• how complex your business is
• how many individuals are involved
• if it is your first year with Accounting iCue (first year usually takes slightly longer)
Simple tax returns are done within one or two days.

Superfunds usually take 6 weeks before ready for lodgement as the superfund will need to be audited by an external auditor.

Once a tax return is lodged, it takes approximately 14 days to receive your refund, but it is dependent on Tax Office processing times.



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