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Tax advisory & Consultancy

We all understand that income tax affects everyone – whether you are in business, own investments or have employment. The difficulty arises because of the complexity of tax legislation, the fast pace of any changes and the potentially harsh penalties for non-compliance. The successful completion of your ATO reporting and being able to navigate away from any tax issues is critical. If you are receiving the right taxation advice upfront, and only paying the tax that you need to pay, at the right time, it can make a significant difference to your profit margin.


The Accounting iCue tax consultants can help if you have a current issue with the Tax Office, or if you need assurance around current processes or assistance in determining the tax treatment of certain items. Our tax consulting team is here to help take the complexity out of tax.

Working alongside you and your team, we will search for eligible deductions that will reduce your tax liabilities and add value to your business or personal situation.

Accounting iCue provides tax advice that is:

  • Practical
  • Business orientated
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Responsive
  • Client focused
  • Technically accurate


Our Gold Coast team of tax specialists are available to you throughout Australia, and are considered to be leaders in the tax consulting field, providing cutting edge tax advice that will meet both your business and personal needs.

We offer a broad range of specialist tax services including:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Employment Taxes
  • Research & Development
  • International Tax
  • Specialist Tax Services
  • GST
  • Payroll Tax
  • Sale of a Business

The Accounting iCue team can give you advice to ensure that you understand the ever changing ATO reporting and legislative requirements, so that you have complete understanding of the recording or reporting needs necessary for your business. This will mean that there is minimal disruption on your time and your business as processes can be introduced to enter the necessary information on a daily basis.

For tax advice and consultancy that you can rely on, call Accounting iCue. We are happy to call in and see our Gold Coast and Brisbane locals, and with our cloud based service we are also able to personalise your accounting services throughout Australia.



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